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SPIN Club Leaders

Welcome to Florida 4-H!


4-H is the youth development program of the University of Florida and other Land Grant Universities across the nation. We strive to teach youth ages 5-18 years life skills that will enable them to be contributing citizens in a global community.


What is a SPIN club?


SPIN clubs are much like traditional 4-H clubs. Any 4-Her can participate in a SPIN club. SPIN is short for Special Interest, so you may have guessed that the members and volunteers in these clubs focus solely on one project area, ie. Gardening, baking, woodworking, small animals, sewing, robotics, etc. The difference between a SPIN club and a traditional 4-H club is the length of time over which the clubs meet. Traditionally, 4-H clubs meet year round, maybe taking time off in the summer. But a SPIN club has a minimum of six meetings over a period of time predetermined by the leader and local 4-H agent. For example, a SPIN club may meet twice a week for three weeks, once a week for six weeks, or once every other week for 12 weeks. SPIN clubs may have more than six meetings, but no less. The advantage of a SPIN club is that it allows volunteers whose schedules would otherwise prevent them from being a 4-H leader, to share their talents and expertise with the next generation. If you’re not yet a 4-H volunteer, but are interested in learning more, please contact your local 4-H agent today.


SPIN Leader Training


Below are the links to three brief training modules for 4-H SPIN Club Leaders. Please watch the videos and then complete the evaluation when you are finished. It is a good idea to e-mail your 4-H agent to let him/her know when you are done.


Session 1: Learning in Florida 4-H SPIN Clubs


Session 2: A Basic 4-H Club Meeting


Session 3: Positive Discipline and Risk Management