EARTH University (Escuela Agrícola de la Region Tropical Humida) maintains a cooperative agreement with the University of Florida.  In 2005, IFAS International Programs began working with District Extension Director, Dr. Pete Vergot (, to develop an Extension Agent exchange and training program with EARTH University.

In April 2007, five UF Extension staff visited the new EARTH campus at La Flor to set up a horticulture training program for residents of the Guanacaste region.  In January 2008, a 7-week training program was initiated by UF Extension Agents.

In January and February of 2018, seven Extension Faculty will deliver a 4-week intensive horticulture training program for people in the Guanacaste region. EARTH University Faculty Dr. B.K. Singh <> and Mr. Luis Navarro, Superintendent: at Reserva Conchal More information can be found at: