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Adding Content to the Sidebars

Content on the Right hand sidebar on your WordPress sites are called “Widgets”. To access the widget area log in to your WordPress site and go to Appearance > Widgets. There are quiet a few widgets listed here, they have descriptions under each letting you know which is which. Please do not add the Meta …

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Changing Your Header

You can change the header on your WordPress site by going to Appearance > Header. Select the “Browse…” button, select the new header image you want to upload, and hit the “Upload” button. Important Notes: Size your image properly! The image needs to be exactly 960 x 198 pixels. If it isn’t WordPress will stretch …

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Creating Web Forms

We are currently using Formidable Forms Pro on all our district websites. This is a great tool to help you create forms for events, gathering information, having a contact form, or anything else you might think you need a form for. If you find it has not yet been activated on your site, please shoot …

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Editing Menus in WordPress

You can now update menus in WordPress! Here’s a quick “How To” guide with a few do’s and don’t’s. Please read it carefully before proceeding! 1. Log in to your WordPress site and open the Dashboard. 2. On the left side navigate to Appearance > Menus 3. You should have at least 2 menu’s listed …

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Google Calendars

Google Calendar provides great integration on your WordPress website. You can sign up at   After you get your calendar set up and ready, click the cog wheel in the upper right and go to Settings. Click the Calendars tab at the top (next to General). Click Share this calendar next to the calendar …

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Importing your Posts to Facebook & Twitter

In order to do this you need: Your WordPress site Your Facebook/Twitter page for your program group already set up Admin rights to aforementioned Facebook page To set up the RSS import: Set up an account with The accounts are free, just go to the website and hit the “Sign Up” button in the …

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Printing Newsletters in WordPress

The Print Styles are now available for our newsletters. To print a newsletter in WordPress: First go to your program areas newsletter submission site (these sites aren’t publicly listed, get them from your editor and bookmark them). Under “Topics” select the newsletter you would like to print. NOTE: “Topics” are the Categories each post is …

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WordPress Training

If you haven’t watched the incredibly fabulous WordPress Training Videos, now is the perfect time! Login using your Gatorlink HERE. Go to Software > W > WordPress Select 3.x on the left hand menu bar Select WordPress Essential Training Watch sections 5, 6, and 7 on Posts, Pages, and Managing Images/Video/Other Media. They are about …

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