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Florida Bull Test Sale – January 20

University of Florida – North Florida Research and Education Center Beef Unit sale facility where the Florida Bull Test Sale will be conducted.

Saturday, January 20, 201812:30 PM Central Time

UF/IFAS NFREC Beef Research Unit

4925 Highway 162, Greenwood, FL
(One mile west of Greenwood, FL on Hwy 162)

Auction of 60-70 Performance Proven Bulls

Angus, Brahman, Hereford, SimAngus, and Simmental bulls consigned by 20 progressive breeders from all across the Southeast will be auctioned off.  Approximately 65 bulls are to be offered, each indexing 90 or better based on a combination of gain and weight per day of age in the test. All bulls are screened for structure, disposition and breeding soundness, and have been ultrasounded for carcass trait evaluation.

Download the catalog:  2018 Florida Bull Test Sale Catalog

Florida Bull Test

The objective of the Florida Bull Test test is to evaluate the performance potential and breeding soundness of bulls consigned.  This year was the sixth year in which individual feed efficiency was established on all bulls.  The Bull Test consists of a 112-day performance test plus a breeding soundness examination on every bull that qualifies for the auction.  Bulls arrive at the NFREC Feed Efficiency Facility, are sorted into contemporary groups, and moved into pens where bulls are adapted to soy hull and corn gluten-based diets and water for a three-week period before initiating the test.  The bulls remained in the Feed Efficiency Facility for the first 56 days of test,after which they were moved out of the facility to 3.25-acre pastures for the remaining 56 days of test.  They received the same diet throughout the test.  Animal performance, specifically average daily gain (ADG), was calculated using only the official starting and finishing test weights. Throughout the test, bulls were observed and screened for structural soundness and disposition.  Bulls deemed to be structurally unsound or of poor disposition are disqualified for the sale.

The 18th Florida Bull Test was conducted at the University of Florida North Florida Research and Education center in Marianna.  There were 113 consignments from 29 consignors from Florida, Alabama, Georgia, and Mississippi.  There were 42 Angus, 4 Braford, 3 Brahman, 10 Charolais, 4 Hereford, 33 SimAngus, and 17 Simmental consignments born between August 15 and December 31 of 2016. Bulls were delivered in late July and initiated their 112-day test on August 16, 2017.  The last day of test was December 6, 2017.  In addition, a hallmark of the Florida Bull Test is that individual feed intake is assessed to establish feed efficiency.

At completion of the test the entire group of bulls averaged 3.30 pounds of gain per day, but ranged from 1.79 to 4.48 pounds per day.  The average weight per day of age was 2.96 lb/day.  Average daily feed intake during the first 56 days of test was 21.85 lb/day (on a dry matter basis) and average feed:gain ratio of 7.54 pounds of feed for every pound of gain.  A significant portion of the test is the inclusion of feed efficiency of individual bulls.  To rank the bulls on feed efficiency we use residual feed intake (RFI), which is the difference between actual feed intake and expected feed intake. The more negative the number, the more efficient the bull.  During this bull test the RFI of bulls ranged from -5.52 to 4.86 lb/d.  Therefore, the most efficient bull consumed 5.52 lb per day less feed than expected for his gain. This equates to more than 2,000 lb per year less feed than that bull was expected to consume!

Florida Bull Test Sale

Activities with the Bull Test conclude with a sale on Saturday, January 20, 2018. Only bulls meeting specific benchmarks are eligible for the sale.  In addition, bulls are inspected for structural soundness and disposition and must pass a breeding soundness exam to qualify for the sale.  Additional information, such as actual performance data, expected progeny differences (EPDs), and carcass ultrasound data is available for bull buyers to aid in the selection of excellent quality bulls to purchase.  Internet bidding will be available at the sale. Potential buyers will need to preregister to on the Cattle in Motion website prior to initiation of the sale.  Videos of each bull in the sale will also be available for viewing on the Cattle in Motion website after Christmas.

For more information:

Bull Test website: http://nfrec.ifas.ufl.edu/florida-bull-test/
To pre-register for Internet bidding or to view videos of the Bulls in the Sale, use the following link:  http://www.cattleinmotion.com/event/florida-bull-test-sale-2
To request a catalog by mail, phone: (850) 526-1621 or email: tpgwin@ufl.edu
Note: the Research Center office will be closed from December 25 to January 2







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