Ag Drone in a field

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulates drone use.  Drones need to be registered (cost is $5/drone) with the FAA and the certificate number marked on the drone. Commercial operators flying drones for business purposes must obtain a Remote Pilot Certificate according to Small UAS Rule (Part 107).

To obtain a Remote Pilot Certificate you must be: 1) at least 16 years of age, 2) able to read, speak, write and understand English, 3) physically and mentally able to fly a drone, and 4) able to pass the aeronautical knowledge exam.  The cost for taking the exam is $150, so you certainly want to be fully prepared in advance.  After passing the exam, the certificate is valid for two years.  For renewal, you will be required to pass the recurrent knowledge exam.

If you are interested in obtaining a Remote Pilot Certificate, a training is scheduled to prepare you for the aeronautical knowledge exam.  Examinations will not be administered at the training site.  For the location of the examination center nearest to you, use the following link:  Airman Knowledge Testing Center List

April 3, 2019
North Florida Research and Education Center, Quincy, FL
9am to 4pm (EDT)

For farmers and other commercial operators, the training registration fee is $75. To register use the link below:

Commercial Operator Registration

The cost of the training is covered for UF Faculty and Staff. To register, contact Jennifer Bearden for the password, and use the link below:

UF Faculty & Staff Registration