Modern extension work relies heavily on new communication technology from program development, evaluation and delivery.


Thank you for joining the Microsoft Extension experience at this year’s NACAA conference. We were thrilled to bring you productivity and collaboration tools with Teams and M365, and to show you the Microsoft Surface.  We hope you will consider these products as you think about your own extension campus technology. Microsoft can help you modernize your productivity with various tools, and Surface provides a premium technology experience with touch, inking, video, and mobility capabilities to help you in every aspect of your job.

In the Expo Hall, you saw demonstrations of Microsoft Surface Hub, Surface Go 3, Laptop 4, Pro 8, Surface Laptop Studio, and Laptop Go 2. Many of these devices have LTE capabilities. To learn more about these technology products please visit:

Microsoft Education Store:

Student Discounts & Deals (Windows, Surface, Laptops & more)

On Wednesday, you heard from Heather Cox and Kristin Kolodziej, as they walked through a day in the life of Extension Agent Ortiz, using Microsoft productivity and  mobility tools. We’re hopeful you learned at least one new tidbit to take home with you!

Microsoft is here to help you enable and improve your Extension Office. We have discounts for education institutions that you may qualify for.

Please reach out with any questions:

Thank you from the Microsoft Team,
Afton Francis, JP Ortiz, Kristin Kolodziej, Heather Cox, Ken Williams, Erin Walsh, and Miguel Ortiz