Installing Acano

  • Download Acano:
  • Select the proper installation package PC or Mac
  • iOS Client for iPhone and iPad available from the Apple App Store
  • Install the Acano client

Request Account Access

Your Gatorlink must be enabled, e-mail Video & Collaboration Services with:

  • Name
  • Gatorlink Username
  • Department
  • Location

to Acano

  • Username: gatorlink
  • Example:
  • Password: gatorlink password
  • Click Sign-in

Making Calls with Acano

Acano Support Website

Acano Getting Started Guide

Making Recordings with Acano

UF Video Services has set a separate endpoint connection ID of 7854327 for UF/IFAS Acano recordings.  Add (it’s 786IFAS as memory aid) to your Acano conference for recording.  Remember to remove it from your conference after you have finished to stop the recording.  Recordings are stored in the MediaSite catalog under Videoconferences –> Acano IFAS.  One way to get to the catalog is under Quick Links to “MediaSite Catalog”.  The direct catalog link is More information on using myMediaSite to manage recordings will follow later.  Note that recording conversion process takes time, and catalog transfer occurs every 30 minutes, so you may have to wait at least that long before the recording is available.