Gatorlink VPN

To set up your Gatorlink VPN in Windows 7:

  1. Click the icon that looks like cell bars next to your clock
  2. Select “Open Network and Sharing Center” from the bottom of the popup.
  3. Select “Set up a new connection or network”
  4. Select “Connect to a Workplace” and hit next
  5. Select “Use my Internet Connection (VPN)”
  6. In the Internet Address field enter: (note the first letter is an L “elle” not a 1 “one”)
  7. In the Destination Name enter “Gatorlink VPN” or whatever you like
  8. Check the box at the bottom that says “Don’t Connect Now” and hit Next
  9. Enter your Gatorlink Username and Password, Domain is UFAD
  10. The setup should finish. Now click the cell bars again next to the clock, you’ll see the Gatorlink VPN at the top of the popup.
  11. Right click the Gatorlink VPN and go to Properties.
  12. Click the Security Tab and click the Advanced Settings button
  13. Select “Use a preshared key” and type in the key found here.
  14. Hit OK until you are out of the VPN settings.
  15. Now to connect, click the cell bars, click the Gatorlink VPN
    and hit Connect.