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You can now update menus in WordPress! Here’s a quick “How To” guide with a few do’s and don’t’s. Please read it carefully before proceeding!

1. Log in to your WordPress site and open the Dashboard.
2. On the left side navigate to Appearance > Menus
3. You should have at least 2 menu’s listed (Left and Top), but possibly more. Left is the Left menu, Top is the menu bar that runs across the top (Home, About Us, etc.). The menu names should be pretty self explanatory.
4. You have two options for adding links:
a. Custom Links: Type in the URL for the site you want the link to point to (Ex: and the Label (Ex: Google).
b. Pages: Select a page you’ve already created on the site from the list. Notice the tabs Most Recent, Search, and View All.
5. Once you have added your page to the menu using one of the above two options you can click and drag it up and down the menu to place it where you would like. If the menu items are indented on this interface, they will indent on the actual site as well.
6. When you are finished with your changes, press “Save Menu”. If you don’t save the changes and navigate away from this page, the changes will not take effect.

NOTE: Remember that all sub-sites are for all purposes separate web sites. Pages you make in 4-H won’t show up in the listing on the FCS site. This also means that each sub-site has it’s own “Top” menu bar. If you make a change to the Top bar, make sure you make the same change on every sub-site!