Printing Newsletters in WordPress

The Print Styles are now available for our newsletters. To print a newsletter in WordPress:

  1. First go to your program areas newsletter submission site (these sites aren’t publicly listed, get them from your editor and bookmark them).
  2. Under “Topics” select the newsletter you would like to print.
    1. NOTE: “Topics” are the Categories each post is assigned to. If you want to print a group of articles in a traditional newsletter they will all have to be assigned to the same Topic/Category. For example assign all the newsletters you want printed to “Panhandle Ag – Spring 2012”. Obviously this will be a lot easier if you assign them as they are written and not at a later time.
    2. NOTE 2: You can assign a post to more than one Topic/Category, and you can assign them at any time (before or after they are published).
  3. If you only want to print a single article, click the appropriate article.
  4. Click File > Print (or Ctrl + P on your keyboard).