This week’s Friday featured video showcases an innovation in fence posts and braces for livestock fences.  Plastic Innovation, Greeneville, Tennessee has developed the Timeless Fence System that utilizes recycled plastic to create PVC t-posts and fence braces that are flexible and strong, yet totally insulated for use with high-tensile electric fencing without the need for insulators.

Timeless fence posts are made of plastic waste from the window and door industry.  This PVC fencing system requires no insulators for electric fencing, yet is strong enough for barbed or woven wire, and is completely recyclable. Timeless fence posts contain no wood fibers which can decay with moisture, and contain no fiberglass which can splinter. Since the posts do not rust or rot, they are perfect for use in wet environments, such as streams and ponds. Plastic Innovation guarantees them for 20 years.  These line posts have NRCS approval for cost-sharing in Florida, and Georgia.


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