This week’s featured video is the 1-minute trailer, or advertisement for a 40-minute documentary published by Boehringer Ingelheim (BI) Cattle Health. The short video trailer and the 40-minute documentary feature the Johnson family of the Flying Diamond Ranch, Eastern Colorado, which was established in 1907.  The documentary shares the story of 5 generations of the Johnson family, and how they manage their large commercial cow-calf operation.  Although BI sponsored the documentary, there is little mention of BI products.  The main point was to share the importance of using cattle health products correctly, and how that fits in with the total herd management of ranching operations.  Check out the trailer, and when you have some free time, watch the whole 40-minute documentary.  It was very well made, and shares a good story of how cattle ranching is much more than a profit-centered business, but is truly a sustainable way of life for multiple generations.

Want to see more, here is the link for the full 40-minute Cattle First Documentary:


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