Series Summary

Due to continuing public health issues associated with COVID-19 and restrictions on in-person meetings, our spring Panhandle Row Crop meetings are moving to a virtual format for 2021. To update growers with current research findings and provide pesticide safety CEUs to licensed applicators, the Panhandle Ag Team will offer a four-session virtual series to replace traditional regional meetings this year. Each meeting will be provided at no cost to participants and will have a specific focus:  Cotton, Peanut, Soybeans/Corn,or Precision Agriculture. Each session will begin at 8:30am (Central) and last 2 to 2.5 hours. Attendees can attend one or all sessions and earn CEUs from each session, but you must register for each one independently.

Registration is Required for Everyone                      

There are four registration links, each for a specific session. You must register for each session that you want to attend. During the registration process, licensed pesticide applicators will be required to enter their restricted use pesticide license number. Each session will pause briefly at different intervals for two or three poll questions lasting roughly one minute that must be answered by ALL applicators in order to receive credit. Failure to answer the polls will result in forfeiture of CEUs. If participants plan to view a session on one screen with other family, friends, or co-workers, EACH applicator must register and join via an internet capable device to answer the poll questions. If the session is streamed on computer/TV in a location by more than one person, phones, ipads, or other devices should be logged in and muted for every individual, then picked up and used to submit poll answers for each person. Without correct answers to the poll questions, FDACS will not allow us to issue CEU credits.  You must PRE-REGISTER. Registration will close two days before the meeting starts.  Once you have registered, the information needed to log in to participate will be emailed to you.

Pesticide CEUs

All applicators must register AND be logged in during the session(s) they wish to receive credit for. You must answer the poll questions as they occur to prove you are present and paying attention.  All CEU forms will be uploaded directly to FDACS and attendees will not receive a physical copy, unless specifically requested by contacting your local extension agent.  The CEU Credit requests are still being processed, so this article will be updated with specific CEU offereings, once final approval has been received.

Cotton – February 3 – 8:30 AM Central (9:30 Eastern)

Cotton Registration Link

Topics and Speakers

    • Cotton varieties – Cotton Seed Representatives
    • Cotton insects – Dr. Scott Graham, AU
    • Cotton nematicides – Dr, Zane Grabau, UF
    • Cotton weed control program – Dr. Stanley Culpepper, UGA
    • Dicamba in cotton – Dr.  Pratap Devkota, UF
    • Cotton Diseases – Dr. Bob Kemerait, UGA
    • Cotton fertility – Dr. Mike Mulvaney, UF
    • Cotton Stress Factors – Dr. Ian Small, UF

Peanut – February 9 – 8:30 AM Central (9:30 Eastern)

Peanut Registration Link

Topics and Speakers

    • Peanut Varieties – Dr. Barry Tillman, UF
    • Peanut Disease – Dr. Bob Kemerait, UGA
    • Peanut nematicides – Dr. Zane Grabau, UF
    • Peanut weed program – Dr. Steve Li, AU
    • Peanut insects – Dr. Mark Abney, UGA
    • Peanut fertility – Dr. Mike Mulvaney, UF

Corn & Soybean Session – February 17 – 8:30 AM Central (9:30 Eastern)

Corn/Soybean Registration LinkWaist high corn field in Jackson County, April 24th.

Topics and Speakers

    • Corn disease – Dr. Nick Dufault, UF
    • Soybean Rust – Dr. Ed Sikora, AU
    • Corn weed control program – Dr. Eric Prostko, UGA
    • Corn insects – Dr. Katelyn Keshiemer, AU
    • Soybean insects – Dr. Phillip Roberts, UGA

Precision Ag Session – February 24 – 8:30 AM Central (9:30 Eastern)

Probe installed under the cotton canopy.

Precision Ag Registration Link

Topics and Speakers

    • Irrigation scheduling – Dr. Wes Porter, UGA
    • Sprayer talk – Dr. Simerjeet Virk, UGA
    • Soil Moisture Sensors – Dr. Charles Barrett, UF
    • Fertilizer Management – Dr. Audrey Gamble, AU