For Florida producers who use auxin herbicides and who ALSO farm in Alabama, the Florida Auxin training will NOT count in Alabama.  You must go through the Alabama AUXIN BMP training.

Latest label requirements and best management practices will be covered. All applicators handling and spraying dicamba on resistant row crops in Alabama need to participate this training.  Contact your local ACES extension office if you have technical difficulty to join the virtual training

2021 Alabama Auxin Training-Best Management Practices
1. All applicators who will spray dicamba on resistant row crops in Alabama will need to participate this training, regardless if they have received training certificate in the past. People who only handle, mix, and/or load are also required to take the training.
2. The 2021 training certificate will be valid only for 2021 season based on current federal labels.
3. Training fee is $15 per person which can be paid by credit or debit card using the link below.
4. Participants can check federal labels if they are unsure about certain questions in the quiz.
5. Participants will be able to download their certificates directly from Canvas training course only after

1) Paying the training fee

2) Using the link provided in the receipt email to register the training course

3) Finishing the on-line training

4) Passing the quiz in the training course

Contact your local extension office if you have technical difficulty or unreliable internet. In-person training may be offered at limited capacity and will be determined case by case.

Credit/debit card payment link: 

Registration link for auxin training will be provided in the receipt email.

If you are paying for multiple people’s training fee through this link, please send an email to and with their names, mailing address and phone
number that exactly match their registration information in the training course.

Contact Deborah Buchanan at or (334) 844-5482, if

1) you have trouble paying online,

2) you must mail a check for the training fee,

3) you scheduled a training but need to change date.

Contact Dr. Steve Li (; 334-707-7370) or your local extension office for issues and questions regarding registration, training, and certificate.