Summary chart from survey data from 2008-2020. This is the sort of data this group is gathering, so that they can track changes by state, region, or nationwide. Credit: Bee Informed Partnership

Amy Vu, Extension Coordinator, Honey Bee Research and Extension Laboratory

A call for action

The Bee Informed Partnership‘s Annual Colony Loss and Management Survey is live now through April 30, 2021. Sadly, the response rates from Florida beekeepers in previous years are some of the lowest in the country. The Bee Informed Partnership (BIP) survey is the longest running nationwide effort to monitor honey bee mortality rates in the U.S. The BIP team is enthusiastically inviting ALL U.S. beekeepers to take this year’s survey before April 30.  Commercial beekeepers and small-scale beekeepers run their operations differently and tend to keep slightly different records. There are two versions of the survey to capture loss and management information in a format that fits each group best.

Use the following link to take the survey:

2020-2021 Loss and Management Survey

You can print out each version in advance of taking the survey online, so that you can be prepared for the questions.

Preview the survey (pdf versions):

View Survey data from previous years by using the following link: