With the popularity of freezer beef and direct to consumer marketing, many cattlemen are making the transition from marketing cattle to marketing fresh beef. The Beef Boot Camp is a webinar that is designed to answer common questions that arise when making that transition. These topics will include:

  • Cost of meat processing and facility considerations
  • Costs of constructing a facility and volume of production
  • Retail counter considerations and pricing your product
  • Why the increased interest in local beef and are there processors to facilitate this?
  • Federal inspection vs. custom exemption
  • Sides, halves, quarters or piece-by-piece
  • Nutritional Management
  • Logistics on the farm/ranch
  • Genetic selection and more

Beef Boot Camp will be hosted on August 3, 2021, starting at 8 AM CST. We invite you to join us as we cover a wide range of topics that relate to beef production, and how to manage your cattle to allow you to successfully market your beef products. To attend the webinar and receive recordings and updates please register at: Beef Boot Camp 21