How many retail pounds of beef will you get from a 1250 pound steer? What certifications does your slaughter facility need to enable you to sell products they process? Do you need to put a cow on feed before you grind her for hamburger? Is there more money in selling cuts vs. carcass (1/4, 1/2 or whole sides)? These are just a few of questions that come up when you start to think about producing beef for retail or wholesale. Beef Boot Camp is a program designed for new and experienced producers who produce and market  beef.
This virtual program is designed for cattle producers who market beef. If you are currently selling freezer or branded beef, or are planning to start marketing direct to consumers, do not miss this opportunity to learn from leading experts in cattle management and meat science. Topics covered will include: Selection & Management of Cattle, Logistics of Freezer Beef, Beef Cuts & Quality of Production and Marking and Brand Development.
Beef Boot Camp 2022 will be hosted on June 28, 2022 from 8 AM CST to Noon.
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For more information, please call Kalyn Waters at 850-547-1108.
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