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For the second year, Escambia County takes the top spots… across all three age divisions! The Intermediate and Senior teams will be competing in the State Food Challenge in Tampa February 17th!

The Florida 4-H Food Challenge Competition provides an opportunity for youth to gain food safety and preparation knowledge and skills using a competition to allow for the display of what they learned. Additionally, these youth must champion teamwork, use a mystery item to create a dish for a specific category (main dish, side dish, appetizer, or healthy dessert), purchase complementing food products for their recipe from the competition pantry on a limited budget, and create the dish for judging. To cap it off, teams must provide an oral presentation to the judges summing up all their efforts and highlighting their culinary creation. This presentation ideally includes how they implemented food safety, decided upon their recipe, recipe preparation, how it fits into MyPlate, nutritional content and possible healthier substitutions. All dishes are required to be a minimum of two servings and senior teams also provide a cost per serving. Judges may quiz youth regarding their presentation and dish after the team presentation.

This year, the Northwest District Food Challenge competition was the largest in the state hosting 10 teams. Once again, Escambia County took the top spot in all three age divisions with the intermediate and senior teams advancing to the state competition at the Florida State Fair in Tampa in February.

The life skills attained with the Food Challenge program will serve these youth for the rest of their lives. Harvard Health notes when you cook and prepare meals at home, they are overall more nutrient dense, use healthier preparation practices and are most cost effective. If you are interested in this program, contact your local 4-H Office.

Scroll below to see all the teams during their presentations. Senior teams were presented with the mystery item of avocado and category of side dish. Intermediate teams were assigned chickpeas and appetizer. Junior teams were assigned fire roasted tomatoes and main dish.
























Marie Arick