Trade Show


If you would like to have booth in the trade show at the 2022 NACAA AMPIC please complete the electronic form linked below.

Trade Show Booth Application 


Basic pricing for trade show booth space:

10′ x 10′ = $750

10′ X 20′ = $1000

10′ x 30′ = $1,250

For additional options and pricing contact Mark Mauldin Directly ( or 352-317-77999)



If you would like to support the 2022 AMPIC beyond a tradeshow booth use the link below to explore additional opportunities for donations and/or commercial sponsorships of the event. 

Donations & Commercial Sponsorships




Contact Info for Questions Regarding…
Tradeshow Applications, Logistics, etc. Donations / Commercial Sponsorships Payment Options
Mark Mauldin Bob Hochmuth Chris Prevatt

386-362-1725 ext. 103

863-763-1314 ext. 215


Note: Completion of the Tradeshow booth application or the sponsorship form does not constitute registration for the conference. Conference registration will be open April 1st – May 15th 2022. Conference registration (no cost for tradeshow vendors) is required to be able to book rooms at the conference rate and to make arrangements for name tags, conference meals, etc. 

Conference Registration