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Earth Day; an issue of sustainability!


Earth Day: an issue of sustainability!

Have you ever thought about Earth Day, you know, that one day a year that falls on April 22nd?

Earth Day was founded in 1970 by Gaylord Nelson, a U.S. Senator from Wisconsin, and sought to focus on the environment and how we can create healthy …

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Smart Holiday Packaging

During the holiday season nothing carries good cheer and holiday spirit across the miles like receiving a package full of homemade treats.

If you go to the effort of preparing food gifts, you want to be sure the contents arrive in the condition they were sent in. The first step is to pack it …

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Peanut Butter and Socks

It’s that time of year:  going to Friday night football games, decorating with pumpkins, welcoming in some cooler weather, and harvesting our locally grown peanuts and cotton. This also means it’s time for the Peanut Butter Challenge. We collect jars of unopened peanut butter throughout the Northwest Panhandle of Florida through November 23rd. (

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Celebrate Earth Day, Then Make Earth Day Every Day!

Earth Day is honored around the world on April 22, with many festivals, activities and events being held in in the weeks prior. April 22 marks Earth Day. Help build a better future and preserve Mother Earth by committing to protect our environment year-round.

The origin of Earth Day is linked …

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A “Green” Holiday

The holiday season will soon be upon us. A “Green“ Holiday focuses on finding ways to reduce consumption by using renewable resources and reusing or repurposing objects. Practicing these principles can fit in line with holiday celebrations, making it a time of sustaining traditions as well as helping the environment. Here are some fun ideas …

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Thankful for Jane

November in the Panhandle of Florida. Time for pumpkins, cooler weather, hay rides, football games, harvesting cotton and peanuts, and of course, Thanksgiving.  It’s also time for the annual Peanut Butter Challenge!  We gather peanut butter to give to those who could use a little help feeding their families.  Why peanut butter?  It is the …

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Let’s Donate and Recycle Our Electronics

Did you know that Floridians throw away 8 pounds of garbage per day? That is double the national average. This is not something to be proud of but it leaves a lot of room for improvement!

Many times when I frequent my housing facility’s dumpster, a computer will be sitting by the side. Does …

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Think About It!

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the term “sustainability” has emerged as a result of significant concerns about the unintended social, environmental, and economic consequences of rapid growth.  Sustainability is based on a simple principle: Everything we need for our survival and well-being depends, either directly or indirectly, on our natural environment. Therefore, sustainability …

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2014 Green Living Expo to be held in Crawfordville



Come one, come all to the Green Living Expo offered to all citizens of the Big Bend area.  I love the adopted tagline… Experience a simpler, more sustainable life.  Learn ways to save money and reduce your impact on the Earth.

Those of you who have attended a previous Expo will remember …

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Water, Water Everywhere: Children Discuss Water Quality

I had the privilege of spending a day recently with children from Medart Elementary School for their annual Project Learning Tree (PLT).  During PLT, community representatives make presentations on nature, conservation and sustainability practices.  The 2013 theme was Wakulla Life is Nice!

I decided to speak on water conservation since we live in such a …

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