We warmly welcome you (literally) to sunny/rainy South Florida.  We are delighted that you are finally here and excited to see all our plans go into action.  We hope that your time in West Palm Beach is fun and fruitful and that you make some lasting memories.

Some interesting things about the 107th NACAA AM/PIC:

  • There are 677 agents attending the meeting.
  • We will have just over a total of 1000 people at the conference.
  • There are agents representing 47 states and 2 territories (Guam and Puerto Rico) at the conference.
  • The cost of food and beverage services is roughly $250,000 which works out to about $50/person/day.

Most of our daily activities will be in the Palm Beach County Convention Center.  Just to orient you to the activities, here is a map for the Convention Center.  Some functions will be in the Hilton and here is a map of the meeting rooms in the Hilton.


Our Sunday Welcome Meal will be in the Conference Center and please be sure to thank our many sponsors and visit them and other vendors at the Trade Show.  Their financial support is helping us put on a great AM/PIC.


On Monday we will travel to Carlin Park for a Beach Party with food and fun for everyone.    Here is a link to an overview and a map of the location

If you can’t make it to the beach party and want to visit the beach, then walk out the north doors of the convention center and head due east 1.7 miles.


After the conference on Tuesday is State’s Night Out.  If your state has not organized a group dinning for you, there are plenty of dining options around town.  You can walk across the street from the Convention Center, or talk a short walk to Clematis Street just a few blocks north of the Convention Center.  Here is an overview of the area.  Clematis Street in Downtown West Palm Beach features Events, Dining, & Shopping.


Wednesday we will have our banquet in the Convention Center to rwecognize the DSA and AA winners.


Thursday is ag and natural resources tour day.  Thursday’s Farewell Dinner will be held at the South Florida Fair Grounds and Yesteryear Village at the conclusion of your tour.  I highly encourage you to stroll through the Village and tour the historic buildings that will be opened especially for our visit.  Here is a quick video of what to expect.   You might also get a glimpse of the famous Riddle House Ghost!

We hope your stay is comfortable and productive and if there is anything we can help you with please ask a Florida agent.  We also want to thank all the Florida Team for their tremendous efforts in making this meeting a reality.