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NACAA members will be sharing short abstract presentations highlighting their most successful programs. This is great way to network and learn from your peers.

Awards and recognition are very important aspects of our meeting, but the oral presentations members provide are the heart of the educational purpose of our conference. There are so many presentations during AMPIC that you have a lot of options to choose from. Take advantage of the diversity of topics available and even explore presentations that go beyond your program area.

The Extension Development and Professional Improvement Seminars are presented during the same time frame (Tuesday, 8:30-11:00 AM) so make sure you mark the ones you want to attend ahead of time as they are spread between the first and second floor of the Convention Center.

Extension Development Council Seminars – These presentations will help you enhance your program development and delivery, as well as your leadership and evaluation skills. It’s always a good idea to attend, especially if you are relatively a new extension professional.

Professional Improvement Council Seminars – These presentations are more focused on programmatic areas and can give you plenty of ideas on how to put together impactful extension activities within your area of expertise for both adults and youth.

Member Oral Presentations are a great way to identify agents from other states that have similar responsibilities to yours, and to get ideas that you can bring back to your county.  The following chart is a guide to help you find the rooms for each type of presentation.  The list of specific presentations are found on pages 10-19 of your printed program guide, which are also available using the following link on your computer, tablet, or smart phone.  You can also view the individual presentation abstracts on the NACAA website:  Member Presentation Abstracts.

Tuesday NACAA Member Oral Presentation Schedule


table of seminar topics and rooms