Amanda Griffin
Family and Consumer Sciences Agent
Jackson County

Those potatoes should be done by now.  As a matter of fact, it took longer to bake the brownies last night, too.  I need to check to see if the oven is baking at the temperature it says. There is the problem!  It is 20 degrees under what it should be.

Use an oven thermometer to check the temperature of your oven. Photo Credits: Amanda Griffin, Jackson County

If you have run into this problem before, it is fairly easy to fix.  First, you need to turn on the oven to any temperature.  Once your oven reaches the desired temperature, place an oven thermometer inside.  The thermometer will show you the actual oven temperature. Turn the oven off.  Now you can calibrate (adjust) the settings to achieve an accurate temperature.

Most ovens can be calibrated by removing the temperature knob.  Note the current setting then, depending on whether it is under-cooking or over-cooking, move the directional arrow in either direction to adjust the temperature up or down.  It may be necessary to remove a few screws in order to do this.  One notch usually equals 10 degrees.  Once you have made the adjustment, replace the knob and turn the oven on again.  Use the oven thermometer to check the temperature.  Now you should be on the mark.  If your oven has touchpad controls, refer to the owner’s manual for calibration instructions.  Happy baking!

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