Emergency Preparedness SuppliesMay 25 – 31, 2014 is National Hurricane Preparedness Week.

This week is a good time to prepare your family, property, and pets for severe weather situations. The dangers of a hurricane are numerous:  heavy rainfall, flooding, high winds, tornadoes, and in our coastal areas, high tide and rip currents. UF/IFAS Extension has information to help you prepare for the season.

1. Create a plan for your family.  Where can your family go in case of an evacuation? Do you plan to stay put and hunker down until the storm passes? Is your house “secure” enough to sustain high winds?

2. Organize your important papers.  When it comes to preparing for weather emergencies, knowing where your important documents are is as important as having a plan for your family. Having all your documents up-to-date, accessible, and portable can make a big difference at a tense time.

3. Check your insurance.  Will any of the policies you hold pay for temporary shelter, replacement clothing, furniture, or other items if you are affected by a hurricane? Are floods covered in the policy? What is the amount of your hurricane deductible?  Visit the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) or the Florida Disaster Recovery website for more information. Find out whether you can flood-proof your home now.

4. Plan for your pets. Include the welfare of your pets in your plan. Many public shelters do not allow pets so make arrangements to board your animals. Keep ID tags and vaccinations up to date. Prepare a pet evacuation kit, including food and water for one week, a manual can opener, medications, medical/vaccination records, a pet carrier, and bedding. Planning can help ensure safety for you and your pets during a weather emergency.

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If a hurricane affects you this year, return to this website for tips on recovery and information about your rights.


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