In January and February of 2019, seven Extension Faculty will deliver a 4-week intensive horticulture training program for people in the Guanacaste region. EARTH University Faculty Dr. B.K. Singh  and Mr. Luis Navarro, Superintendent: at Reserva Conchal
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In April 2007, five UF Extension staff visited the new EARTH campus at La Flor to set up a horticulture training program for residents of the Guanacaste region.  In January 2008, a 7-week training program was initiated by UF Extension Agents.

EARTH University (Escuela Agrícola de la Region Tropical Humida) maintains a cooperative agreement with the University of Florida.  In 2005, District Extension Director, Dr. Pete Vergot ( began working with IFAS International Programs and EARTH University Faculty
Dr. B.K. Singh to develop an Extension Agent exchange and training program with EARTH University.