Program Objectives

Gardeners of Costa Rica – Community Volunteers and Homeowners.

Master of Gardens – Commercial landscape and Nursery Workers.

EARTH La Flor Horticulture Training Program  

January – March 2008

Provide hands on horticultural knowledge and skills to:

  • enable community personnel to teach gardening for improve food self-sufficiency
  • increase technical competence of landscape installers and maintenance personnel
  • reduce waste of natural resources and environmental contamination by using locally adapted plant materials
  •  increase the utilization of native plant materials in local (commercial)

 What EARTH La Flor has to offer….

  • International location for County Extension Faculty
  • On-site program development person
  • Facilities being developed in the middle of Guanacaste issues
  • Translation of materials and conversation during training
  • Land,  and equipment
  • EARTH Students coming to La Flor for 7 week terms as a part of future training programs
  • Short term duration, transportation, housing / food for UF IFAS County and State faculty
  • Collaborations  with the area communities
  • Strong alumni base for potential graduate studies and training programs

What UF IFAS Extension has to offer….

  • Trained and proven Environmental Horticulture County  and State Extension faculty with expertise in non-formal education
  • IFAS Extension with a wealth of research-based education materials and knowledge
  • History of training clientele within communities
  • Extension administration willing to financially support travel to La Flor in Costa Rica
  • Faculty willing to take on short term 10 – 14 day assignments in Costa Rica
  • Faculty willing to take sabbatical time in Costa Rica
  • Distance Education models for graduate studies
  • Assisting EARTH Faculty to implement the new 3rd year academic program at La Flor

What the UF IFAS Extension faculty will gain…

  • Awareness of Cultural differences and development of strategies to work with others
  • Building curriculum developed for  non English speaking clientele
  • Broadening the knowledge base of different environments and plant specifies
  • Spanish language and Culture education
  • Building relationships with EARTH Students for future programs

Extension Projects in Environmental Horticulture at La Flor…

  • Non formal education training program for community clientele
  • Non formal education training program for professionals in environmental horticulture
  • Development of  landscaping projects, plant nurseries and demonstration gardens at La Flor using native low water need plants and landscaping elements
  • Development of landscaping projects and demonstration gardens at the communities and local schools