Teaching Plan

Master of Gardens
Horticulture Training Program

January 21– February 15, 2019

For each week see details of proposed teaching plan.

Week 1 – January 21 through January 25
Dr. Alex Bolques and Mr. Daniel Leonard
Introduction, Plant Science, Soils and Nutrition

  1. First DayIntroduction and overview of the process and content;  get to know the class members and instructors; and tour campus garden and nursery areas
  2. Basic plant science /  Botany   /  Physiology
  3. Soil and Nutrition, fertilizer, compost
  4. How to take samples for collections of soils, insects and plants




Week 2 – January 28 through February 1
Ms. Adrian Hunsberger and Daniel Lenard
Right Plant Right Place and IPM:  Pest ID and Management and Pesticide safety

  1. Planting of  annuals, perennials, shrubs, trees
  2. Effects of environment on plants: Light, moisture, soils, temperature
  3. Go outside and look at plants:  What is right… what is wrong…
  4. IPM: Pest ID and Management
  5. Pesticide safety
  6. Safe handling of Pesticides
  7. Chemical and mechanical control
  8. Worker protection
  9. Laws and rules




Week 3 – February 4 through February 8
Mr. Henry Mayer and 
Ms. Julie McConnell
Propagation and Landscape Maintenance and Care

  1. Pruning
  2. Commercial: Trouble shooting lawns and plants
  3. Homeowners: Edible Gardening
  4. Erosion control
  5. Lawn mowers, and equipment operation and safety
  6. Landscape Maintenance and daily care
  7. Irrigation, Watering –
  8. Types of Irrigation
  9. Low volume equipment
  10. Simple calibration





Week 4 – February 11 through February 15
Dr. Andrea Albertin, Ms. Julie McConnell, and Dr. Bryan Unruh

  1. Extension and informational Resources
  2. Involve Ministry of Agriculture and Extension
  3. Be familiar with available resources
  4. Text books and references
  5. Working with Computers
  6. Evaluation – distributed


Dr. Bryan Unruh

  1. Golf Course Maintenance and Care
  2. Lawn Maintenance and Care
  3. Irrigation, Watering




Dr. Nick Place, Dr. Pete Vergot and Dr. B.K. Singh, and Mr. Luis Navarro,

February 12 and 15, 2019

  • Student project presentations
  • Share, Celebrate and Graduation
  • Invite sponsors and media

Your suggestions on ways to improve our program will be most appreciated!