Since 1982 the International Federation for Home Economics (IFHE) has sponsored World Home Economics Day.  The event promotes the home economics profession and acknowledges the hard work that home economists do for their communities.  The International Federation of Home Economics brings together professional organizations, research institutions, and educators to help develop a sustainable future.  Their mission is to advocate research and education for the resources at the household and consumer level.

In 2024, the theme is “Home Economics 3.0: A Critical Update.”  According to the IFHE website:

Home Economics is well prepared as a discipline to help families cope with the challenges of home in the future. However, home economics is just like any “operating system” that requires updating to ensure continuing efficiency and to meet the needs of consumers in the 21st century. Many in education are excited about advancing to Education 3.0, the third major innovation in teaching and learning. Keeping our Home Economics up-to-date is more important than ever as digital technology, climate change and global markets place pressure on vulnerable consumers. Join the International Federation for Home Economics as we celebrate how home economists around the world have provided a “critical update” to the way they teach, research and serve to make homes, families and consumers of the future safe, happy and healthy. Use this event to highlight how you, your students, clients and professional associations are engaging with the most advanced theories, tools and technologies to keep Home Economics on the leading edge of 21st century life.
digital technology concept
Home Economics 3.0 uses digital technology to connect global communities together to address emerging issues affecting individuals and families. (Photo source: Getty Images Pro via Canva)

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