Monthly Archive: February 2013

All Reasonable Efforts: What does it mean to me?

  Federal affirmative action guidelines require that a 4-H club’s membership reflect that of the community which it serves.  So, if your club serves the whole county, and your county is 54% white 36% black, 6% Hispanic, and 3% other, then your club membership should be 54% white 36% black, 6% Hispanic, and 3% other.  …

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From the Heart

February has long been associated with heart related events.  Of course, there is Valentine’s Day, a day of love.  Additionally, the full month is devoted to a focus on heart health.  Continuing on this heart related theme, I want to focus on generosity.  Generosity is one of the four essential elements for youth development.  It …

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Recognition, With or Without an Award

  Recognition is a very important part of life! People of all ages thrive on recognition of any kind.  It makes them feel good about themselves and helps build self esteem.  This doesn’t mean that every time someone does something GREAT that we throw a party and give them something.  Recognition can be something as …

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