Monthly Archive: May 2013

New Ways to Receive News From Volunteering in the Panhandle

  The team of 4-H Extension Agents in the Northwest District of Florida are very excited to be launching our Volunteering in the Panhandle Facebook page and Twitter feed.  Please like us, follow us, or check in every so often.  We will still be publishing the newsletter on our website, and we will of course, …

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The Scoop on Poultry Projects

There’s a home agricultural movement sweeping the United States.  Raising chickens in the backyard, not only in rural settings but also urban and suburban areas, is quickly gaining in popularity.  Chickens are very social animals and provide not only enjoyment, but high quality, nutritious eggs.  Several websites promote and advocate raising chickens in urban/suburban locales …

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What is Gained through Sewing?

  In today’s world, sewing is no longer a necessity as it was in our mothers’ and grandmothers’ day. Most women of that era knew how to sew and could clothe their families by using their sewing skills. Now, sewing can be expensive, so why should children be taught to sew? The goal of teaching …

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