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Friday Feature: Southeast Hay Contest Video

The Southeast Hay Contest was started 14 years ago to showcase the excellent quality hay that is produced in the South.  If you take pride in producing high quality hay, this is an opportunity to see how the best hay you produce compares to other farms in the region.  This week’s featured video was produced by Massey Ferguson, the major sponsor of the contest, to help spread the word about the Southeast Hay Contest.

It is not too late to enter this year’s contest.  Contact your local County Extension Office and make an appointment to have your hay or balage tested.  Entries must be received by the UGA Forage Lab by 5:00 PM Thursday, September 21, 2017.  Entries must be signed by your local county agent to verify production.  Rules and entry information are all available on the SE Hay Contest website:  http://blog.caes.uga.edu/sehaycontest/  Winners will be recognized at the 40th annual Sunbelt Ag Expo, in Moultrie, GA on Tuesday, October 17th.

Hay and baleage samples will compete in the following seven categories:


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