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Friday Feature: Autonomous Drone Scouting

This week’s featured video was produced by American Robotics to introduce ScoutTM, a fully-automated drone system for farmers.  Scout features season-long automated crop scouting that is autonomous, or pre-programmed for launch, flight, imaging, landing, charging, data management, and drone storage with no piloting required.

To improve agricultural decision-making, optimize inputs, and maximize yields,  automation must be delivered in a reliable industrial solution.  Scout delivers this automation in a turn-key package consisting of an autonomous drone with visual and multispectral cameras and a weatherproof drone station which handles housing, charging, data processing and data transfer. Once installed within a farmer’s field, it requires no manual intervention to plan, fly and manage the drone operations. Health reports and analysis are seamlessly sent to the farmer.   Source:  American Robotics


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Author: Doug Mayo - demayo@ufl.edu

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