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Friday Feature: Karl Kressman’s the Cow Truck & the Convertible

This week’s featured video is a humorous selection of Rawhide tales with Karl Kressman.  Karl Kressman is a well known cowboy and Longhorn cattle breeder in Jackson County, FL.  Instead of writing down his memoirs he has created a YouTube video series to share his tales of humorous adventures of rodeoing and working in the cattle industry in the Panhandle of Florida.  Grab a glass of sweet tea, get comfortable, and enjoy the humorous story of when Karl drove a cattle truck through downtown Marianna, and the impatient convertible driver he encountered.


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Author: Doug Mayo - demayo@ufl.edu

Lead Editor for Panhandle Ag e-News - Jackson County Extension Director - Livestock & Forages Agent. My true expertise is with beef cattle and pasture management, but I can assist with information on other livestock species, as well as recreational fish ponds. Follow me on Twitter @UFCowman, or Facebook https://www.facebook.com/UFJacksonCoFL/

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