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Corn Harvest is Underway in Jackson County (video)

Combines began picking through corn last week, and this week the harvesting continues. Jackson County has a corn yield contest that several growers participate in.  Having a yield check allows for a friendly competition, but also provides a yield comparison between different fields and  hybrid variates.

Test plots of 1.25 acres or larger are harvested, …

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A Busy Time of Year for Farmers…

Heavy rains in north Florida have had some growers behind in getting ready for the crop season this year. Thankfully, this week has been dry enough for some to do field work. Right now many farmers are plowing land, spraying cover crops, strip tilling, spreading lime, and planting corn, among other things. Unfortunately, projected rains …

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Corn Leaf: Thrip Damage, Not a Disease

Thrips are most noticeable, and of greatest concern on corn at two periods during the growing season: on young seedling plants, and at ear formation. On seedling plants their feeding makes the plants look stunted. At ear formation, thrip injury to developing kernels provides entry for infection by Fusarium spp. and subsequent Fusarium ear rot …

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Some Corn is off to a Slow Start

Lingering cool springtime temperatures have been a pleasure for farmers and fieldworkers, but some local corn fields have not fared as well. Below are a few photos from an irrigated field in the western panhandle which had as much attention a corn field could get.

The producer based his pre-plant fertilizer application on soil test …

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Disease Alert: Northern Corn Leaf Blight


Rome Ethredge, extension agent in Seminole County Georgia, this week reported incidence of Northern Corn Leaf Blight (NCLB), as did Jake Price in Lowndes County Georgia. This is a fungal disease that can reduce corn yields and is most likley to be found in fields where corn was grown the previous year.

The following information was from taken …

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Corn Planting Decisions

Corn prices are attractive this year due to reduced corn stocks caused by the severe drought the corn-belt experienced in 2012. This will lead to an increase in corn acres across the US, including the Florida panhandle, where growers are concerned by projections of low peanut prices.

Growers who are considering planting corn this spring …

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