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Fertilizing Late Planted Cotton

Fertilizing cotton is always a major factor that affects yield in the Panhandle. Last year we saw plenty of cotton fields run out of nitrogen (N) during the summer with the relentless rains. We also saw growers trying to apply N, through irrigation or ground, when it was too late to do any good. So …

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Timing is Critical for Palmer Pigweed Control

Panhandle farmers are busy. Many are still planting peanuts and cotton, some are harvesting wheat and oats, cutting hay, putting out fertilizer and spraying for weeds and thrips.

Herbicide applications are going out in areas that are dry enough to get equipment in. Some fields are being overlooked and others not being sprayed on time. …

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Crop Planting Resumed this Week

Its prime time for cotton and peanut planting, but the excessive rainfall last week brought planting to a halt. Some growers in the northeast corner of Jackson County, where soils are very sandy, were able to begin planting again this week. The rest of the region is still pretty wet, causing growers to plant hill tops and …

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Cotton Harvest is Running Behind

It’s early November and there is still a great deal of cotton to be picked in Northwest Florida. Yield reports from Jackson County have been well below the norm, with yields being reported between 400 -1100 lbs. of lint per acre. Additionally, there have been some reports of poor quality grades.

The weather has been the …

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Cotton Harvest Begins as Tropical Storm Approaches

Harvest has begun in a few early planted fields around Northwest Florida this week. Additionally, some defoliant applications were made as well.

Tropical Storm “Karen” is projected to be felt in the Florida Panhandle sometime this Sunday. The imminent rain and winds from “Karen” could be bad news for cotton farmers.

Dr. David …

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2013 Cotton Harvest Timing and Defoliation

The cotton crop is maturing fast and defoliation will soon be underway in many older planted fields. Proper timing of cotton harvest aid applications is important for optimizing both yield and quality of the crop. Defoliation decisions should be based on the crop and the crop environment. Plant maturity is usually the most …

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Mepiquat Timing on Cotton

Excessive rains across the panhandle the past week have many growers in a hurry-up-and-wait situation. Some cotton fields are in need of nitrogen or herbicide but are still too wet to operate in. An additional concern that cotton growers may have is the timely application of plant growth regulators (PGR’s).

Plant growth regulators can be a …

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Managing Cotton Irrigation

Right now, the maturity of the cotton crop across the panhandle is highly variable, with some fields just cracking, and others approaching layby in a couple of weeks. That being said, this is the time of year for growers to implement strategic irrigation plans that will, regardless of maturity, carry their …

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Get Ready for Cotton Thrips












Cotton planting time has come and the presence of thrips (Frankliniella sp.) is a reality that growers in the panhandle must deal with every year. With that in mind, it is important that growers have a game plan to manage this harmful insect.

Thrips …

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Peanut and Cotton Disease Update Video

Dr. Nick Dufault, University of Florida Plant Pathologist, shares highlights from his “Peanut and Cotton Disease Update” presentation,  made at the 2013 Panhandle Row Crop Short Course in Marianna. In this video, he provides important considerations for managing diseases in peanut and cotton.

Author: Josh Thompson – j.thompson@ufl.edu

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