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Panhandle Blueberry Yield Outlook still Positive

Blueberry harvest is less than a month away in the central Panhandle.

Although the Florida Panhandle has been hit with excessive rainfall this spring, blueberry yields are on track to be above average. Colder winter temperatures, coupled with wet spring weather has enhanced the yield potential of properly tended and well established planted blueberries.

Blueberries …

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Cotton Harvest is Running Behind

It’s early November and there is still a great deal of cotton to be picked in Northwest Florida. Yield reports from Jackson County have been well below the norm, with yields being reported between 400 -1100 lbs. of lint per acre. Additionally, there have been some reports of poor quality grades.

The weather has been the …

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Cotton Harvest Begins as Tropical Storm Approaches

Harvest has begun in a few early planted fields around Northwest Florida this week. Additionally, some defoliant applications were made as well.

Tropical Storm “Karen” is projected to be felt in the Florida Panhandle sometime this Sunday. The imminent rain and winds from “Karen” could be bad news for cotton farmers.

Dr. David …

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Peanut Harvest is Just Beginning

Peanut harvest is beginning in some of the earliest planted Florida Panhandle fields. So far yield and grades have been decent, but only a handful of acres have been harvested.

Dr. David Wright, UF/IFAS Agronomist, offers the following reminders about peanut digging and harvesting:

“Peanut maturity is always an important consideration in a year like …

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Peanut Maturity Update

Peanut maturity is a key factor that determines yield and grade of peanuts. Since peanuts are an indeterminate crop, they set their fruit over a long period of time as opposed to all at once. The variability of pod maturity can sometimes make it difficult to decide when to dig or harvest the crop.

The …

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Estimating Wheat Yield

Much of the wheat crop around the panhandle is finishing grain-fill and starting to dry down. As harvest time for wheat draws near, many growers are busy planting peanuts and cotton on other fields. However, it may prove useful to take a small amount of time from your busy schedule to field estimate wheat yields.

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