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2014 UF Peanut Variety Test Results

Peanut planting season is months away, but it’s not too early to begin choosing varieties to plant. The 2014 variety performance data is hot off the press and can provide a tool to compare and contrast peanut varieties. Table 1 presents the University of Florida peanut variety performance from 2011 through 2014 for pod yield …

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Peanuts Hit Hard by Nematodes this Year

A hot and dry summer for many Panhandle farmers has given no relief from pests this year. Peanut root-knot nematodes (Meloidogyne arenaria) are no an exception. Damage from nematodes has been severe in many areas of Jackson County where the fields are very sandy.

Root-knot nematode damage is more apparent in hot and dry years, and in fields where …

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Beet Armyworms in Peanut Fields

It’s that time of year when all kinds of insect pests are moving, especially caterpillars. Armyworms have been present but sporadic in hay fields, cotton and peanuts the past couple weeks across the Panhandle. Rome Ethridge, the Ag Agent in Seminole Co. Georgia, has reported seeing all kinds of different caterpillars this week. See his …

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Timing is Critical for Palmer Pigweed Control

Panhandle farmers are busy. Many are still planting peanuts and cotton, some are harvesting wheat and oats, cutting hay, putting out fertilizer and spraying for weeds and thrips.

Herbicide applications are going out in areas that are dry enough to get equipment in. Some fields are being overlooked and others not being sprayed on time. …

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Crop Planting Resumed this Week

Its prime time for cotton and peanut planting, but the excessive rainfall last week brought planting to a halt. Some growers in the northeast corner of Jackson County, where soils are very sandy, were able to begin planting again this week. The rest of the region is still pretty wet, causing growers to plant hill tops and …

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Peanut Harvest is Just Beginning

Peanut harvest is beginning in some of the earliest planted Florida Panhandle fields. So far yield and grades have been decent, but only a handful of acres have been harvested.

Dr. David Wright, UF/IFAS Agronomist, offers the following reminders about peanut digging and harvesting:

“Peanut maturity is always an important consideration in a year like …

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Now is the Time to Watch for Velvetbean Caterpillars in Peanuts

Velvetbean caterpillars (Anticarsia gemmatalis) are an occasional late season pest which can have a big effect on a peanut crop. They can defoliate a field of peanuts in a matter of few days if left unchecked, making it important to monitor for this caterpillar.

Velvetbean caterpillars can range from green to dark gray and have …

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Leafhopper-burn in Peanuts

Earlier this week I visited a farm in Jackson County that had considerable damage from leafhopper insects, a condition usually called hopper-burn.

There several different species of leafhoppers that feed on peanut, one of the most common is the potato leafhopper (Empoasca fabae). See the picture below.

The damage occasionally occurs in mid to late …

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Early Season Peanut Weed Control

The weather in May has been hot and dry across the panhandle. A hot, dry May combined with late cold fronts in April has proven to be a challenge for peanut growers trying to get their crop planted. Many have had to postpone planting due to a lack of soil moisture. The peanuts that were planted …

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Peanut and Cotton Disease Update Video

Dr. Nick Dufault, University of Florida Plant Pathologist, shares highlights from his “Peanut and Cotton Disease Update” presentation,  made at the 2013 Panhandle Row Crop Short Course in Marianna. In this video, he provides important considerations for managing diseases in peanut and cotton.

Author: Josh Thompson – j.thompson@ufl.edu

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