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Oceans Of Opportunity Volunteer Forum January 21-22, 2022

We are so excited to be able to offer a face-to-face volunteer forum “Oceans of Opportunity” for our Panhandle Florida 4-H Volunteers January 21-22, 2022! Join 4-H volunteers and faculty from the panhandle of Florida to learn new ways to engage youth in 4-H programs in a fun and educational way. Teen and adult club volunteers, 4-H staff, and military and afterschool staff are encouraged to participate in the forum to explore new 4-H curriculum and activities, learn ways to make their 4-H programs more fun and meaningful, learn skills to re-energize your program after the pandemic and gain insights and bring back to your local program. At the conference you will have the opportunity to network with 4-H educators and other volunteers to help you become a stronger 4-H volunteer.

The conference registration will be open until December 22, 2021. You will be required to register through the 4-H Online, under events labeled Northwest Florida 4-H Volunteer Forum.

During the registration process you will be ask if you have a share fair/static displays that you would like to share during lunch on Saturday. This could be something that has worked well for you in the past that you are excited about. You may also include a make and take craft stations for other volunteers to experience making something, such as a 4-H pin, rocket, or hose ball. The make and take should be suitable for a 4-H club educational program. These stations will be available Friday evening, after keynote speaker and is a totally voluntary event.

The cost of the conference is $60 payable to your local extension office. A tentative schedule, and additional registration information can be found on the NW District Volunteer site.


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