The Florida Panhandle, like a large portion of the Southeast is experiencing serious drought this fall. While drought is hardly a laughing matter, humor does have a way of easing the anxiety.  The following are just a few jokes to share with friends and neighbors as you discuss the current drought.

It’s So Dry

When a Panhandle town finally got a brief shower it caused quite a commotion.  One of the town’s residents was disturbed by the noise and went outside to see what was happening.  Water falling from the sky was such a shock that the man fainted.  They had to throw two buckets of dust in his face to revive him.

its-so-dryIt’s So Dry

Instead of using boats, people are fishing from lawn chairs with slingshots.

It’s So Dry

Birds are building their nests out of barbed wire.

It’s So Dry

Cows in the Southeast are only producing evaporated milk.

It’s So Dry

Church leaders have gotten together to do their part to conserve water.  Until further notice, Baptist churches will baptize by sprinkling, Methodists will baptize with wet-wipes,  Episcopals will issue rain checks, and Catholics will pray for wine to turn back into water!

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Farm folks always enjoy sharing good jokes, photos and stories.  If you have a good, clean joke, particularly one that pertains to agriculture, or a funny photo that you took on the farm, send it in and we will share it with our readers.


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