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The Riding Cow

Source – Good News Network

Hannah Simpson riding her family’s dairy cow. Source: Good News Network

When Hannah Simpson was 11-years-old, all she wanted was a horse of her own to ride and train. Her parents, however, insisted that ponies were too expensive, leaving Hannah’s dream unfulfilled.  Her creative solution? She trained one of the cows on their dairy farm to ride instead.  For the last seven years, Hannah has ridden her heifer Lilac through the meadows of the South Island town of Invercargill, in New Zealand.  Lilac has the capacity to jump up to 4.5 feet, but she prefers lazier activities like long bush walks and leisurely swims.

Hannah first climbed onto Lilac’s back on a dare from her brother, although the rider advises against most people attempting to mount a cow – Lilac has apparently bucked her off many times. But because of the duo’s rare bond, the two have defied the rules and become an unusual team.  Hannah now has a horse named Sammy, but she still takes her original steed out to pasture once a week for a ride.

Check out the video to see this amazing cow trainer:




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