Patches of stunted corn from sting nematode infection. Photo by Tamra Jackson-Ziems, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

One of my goals since starting as field crop nematologist at the University of Florida last June was to update the nematode management guides for Florida field crops, so that extension agents and growers have access to active copies of these documents.  I’m happy to announce that guides for field corn, soybeans, and cotton have been updated and are now available through the University of Florida Extension’s Electronic Data Information Source (EDIS) website :

These guides provide information about what nematodes are, what plant-parasitic nematodes to expect in different crops, how to recognize and confirm nematode problems, and options for managing plant-parasitic nematodes.  Please check out these guides, use them, and provide any feedback you have.  An EDIS guide for peanut nematodes is also forthcoming.  Please let me know if there is a need for nematode management guides on other crops.

Cotton infested with sting nematode (front) compared to nematicide-treated cotton (back). Photo by William Crow, UF/IFAS.