This week’s featured video was a news report from KOMO Channel 4 News about a new online beef marketing service being offered to consumers in the Western US.  Crowd Cow is the name of a Seattle company that is connecting grass finished beef operations with consumers who purchase packages of the cuts of meat they want instead of whole or half carcasses.  Once all 50 of the “shares” of an animal are sold, the cattle are butchered, dry aged and the meat shipped directly to the consumers or “steak holders” at a premium price.  While this company is not currently working with ranches or serving customers in this area, the main purpose of sharing their story was to highlight this very unique marketing concept.  It does point out that some consumers are willing to pay a considerable premium to know what farm is producing their food, and the story of the producer who raised it.  Learn more about this interesting company through their frequently asked questions page on their website:   Crowd Cow FAQ


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