Last week we kicked off National Forage Week with a promotional video, so it seemed only fitting to end the celebration with an innovation for grazing management.  Intensive mob grazing, or strip grazing of annual pastures requires a good deal of time and management, if you have to continuously move fences to rotate cattle.  The Gallagher Tumblewheel system allows ranchers to move temporary electric fences with ease with no line or step-in posts.  This fence consists of a number of “hot” or electrified spoked, spacer wheels that hold up the fence, and roll making the fence simple and easy to move.  The wheels are held up by the tension of the hot-wire which passes through the center.  When one or both ends of the fence is moved, the wheels roll along.  Check out the video that shows how the system works and also explains how these spoked wheels stay hot to prevent cow damage without grounding out.


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