This week’s featured video was produced by Growing America.  In this video David Bridges, President of Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College summarizes the value of American Agriculture and the need to share this information with young people to encourage them to focus on careers in the agricultural industries.  He provides a great nugget of wisdom for perspective students, “Be a small part of something big, don’t focus on a big part of something small.”  His point is that jobs related to food production, processing, and distribution are in high demand.  With a degree in an agricultural science, graduates can play a role in the future of an industry essential to this country.  Dr. Bridges says it so well when he said, “Not only is agriculture a great way of life, but also a great career opportunity.”  This is a message that needs to be shared through social media, in agriculture education programs, and with the young people that we have the opportunity to influence.  The future of American Agriculture will be decided by the people we can recruit to invest their lives in careers that will play a small part in agriculture.


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