This week’s featured video was produced by Florida Dairy Farmers.  The Florida Association of County Agricultural Agents (FACAA) toured Shenandoah Dairy, as part of their Mid-Year Meeting this week.  I was fortunate enough to see this amazing farming operation in person.  Through the following video, Ed Henderson, Shenandoah Dairy, Live Oak, FL provides a video tour of one Florida’s most technologically advanced dairy farms.  Shenandoah Dairy milks 3,500 cows that produce 36,000 gallons of milk each day.  In the video, he shares the innovative calf rearing system they have developed for raising baby calves in groups, as well as what Ed calls the “Cow Hilton,” their climate controlled loafing barns. Using automated fans and misters they can cool their loafing barns 15° below the outside air temperatures in the heat of the day.  They have also developed a sustainable farming system that recycles nutrients and water from their loafing barns and milk parlor to produce fertilizer for the crops that feed their cows.  This is not your Great Grandpa’s dairy.  Through this video, you can tour one of Florida’s most impressive dairy farms.


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