This week’s featured video was produced by SunUp TV, which is Oklahoma State Extension’s Television show for producers in their state.  The topic of this video is the value of rotating or continuously moving hay feeding stations to different locations in a pasture.  Not only does this practice offer value for the rancher, but is also a valuable best management practice or BMP for nutrient management.  Manure and hay residue get spread more evenly across each pasture with rotation, instead of building up in the same locations.

Continuing to feed hay in the same place, time after time and year after year, can lead to the concentration of a lot of nutrients from the hay and from animal manure and urine, all in a very small area.  Research trials indicate there can be 10 to 20 times more phosphorus, potassium and organic matter in those types of hay feeding areas than in the surrounding pasture.  Source: Producers should rotate hay feeding locations for cattle


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