This week’s featured video was produced by the Panhandle Ag Extension Team‘s own  Cheryl Mackowiak, Soil Specialist and Doug Mayo, Jackson County Extension Director.  Last summer as a demonstration for the Grazing Management Field Day, Dr. Mackowiak compared management techniques to improve the quality of a mature bahiagrass pastures.  From time to time there are situations where producers gain access to a field of bahiagrass that for some reason has been left unmanaged for an extended period of time.  This might be a field offered for use by a neighbor after a lease was not renewed, or perhaps the fences were damaged and would not allow grazing until late summer, or simply there was a change in ownership.  This video shows some techniques that can be used to improve the quality, utilization, and production of rank, mature bahiagrass pastures. The data shared in this video was not from a replicated research trial, but the results of this demonstration are worth sharing for your consideration, if you happen to run into this situation.

Tune in again next week for Part 2 to learn about grazing management affects on mature bahiagrass.

Management Options Chart


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