This week’s featured video, called Our Land was produced by the National Grazing Lands Coalition to highlight the environmental and ecological benefits of ranch land.  The short video highlights Meredith Ellis of G Bar C Ranch, who is part of a new generation of ranchers that is determined to keep the family ranch sustainable and even more efficient for the next generation.  She shares her unique view of the ways to fight climate change and feed the nation through modern cattle ranching combined with carbon sequestration from the healthy soils of grass lands.

The biggest mistake we can make is to forget about the vast wilderness of ranch land that is preserved from the threat of industry and development. Ranchers are the keepers of the land and the benefits of their stewardship are known by all the living things that call it home. All we ask is that we be part of the conversation on how to solve climate change before places like mine are gone forever. -Meredith Ellis


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