Check out Escambia County Extension’s newest video series called “In The Field.” These videos are aimed to educate producers in row crops, forages, livestock, and natural resources about practical management skills they can implement into their operation.

Episode 1, “Hay sampling for forage quality” focuses on a simple tool that hay and livestock producers can use to determine the quality of their hay. This can be beneficial for hay producers who are selling their product to provide more information for their buyers. Livestock producers can use this information when it comes time to determine rations for their cattle during the winter months, when forages are usually at their lowest production. Check out our video below.


Things to remember:

  • Samples need to be taken from the center of the round side of your hay bale
  • Take multiple samples from a particular cutting (10-12 bales)
  • If you have different varieties of forages take separate samples
  • Let your customers know the quality hay you have available, by sharing the analysis info with them.


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