This week’s featured video was produced by De Broughton, UF/IFAS Regional Crop Agent, to highlight modern farming and natural resource conservation in the Suwannee River Valley of North Central Florida.  The video showcases the partnership between farmers and the state and local agencies that are working together to protect and conserve water quantity and quality while also ensuring sustainable food production through Best Management Practices (BMPs).  The Suwannee River Water Management District partners with UF/IFAS, FDACS, Soil & Water Districts, and other agencies to identify tools that assist farmers in improving water quality and quantity through our agricultural cost share program. However, none of this would be successful if it were not for the progressive farmers that are also investing in the future of farming in this region of the state.  While this video features interviews in one specific region of the state, this sort of partnership is happening all across Florida.


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